What is Cocooni?

Cocooni is a brand of everyday lifestyle pieces. Choose from our genuine leather creations for stylish functionality, or browse through our homeware essentials for your rustic abode. We make and curate tastefully-made products, so you can take a piece of chic with you that you can use, wear and style with.


Cocooni Leather

Cocooni products are made of genuine cowhide leather. You can expect high-quality products from the material used to the stitches that hold the form together. Limited pieces are available per collection, and no two pieces are the same—leather has its own character, and slight differences become the unique qualities of the items.  


We personalize.

We like go beyond the usual by providing you the service of producing custom-made and personalized premium leather items. These are perfect for branding, gifts for clients, event giveaways, holiday presents, or to treat yourself with a good leather piece.

Leather Keychain Philippines


Cocooni Home

Find unique home essentials from ceramic stoneware pieces to aprons with relaxed elegance. We'll help you build your urban abode—your cozy little corner in this big world.

 Ceramic Plates Manila


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Happy shopping!